Our Mission...

Our mission is to spread awareness of engineering and design fields to demonstrate how mathematics and science apply to real-life situations and to extend the reach of FIRST, an organization dedicated to inspire young individuals to pursue careers in science and technology, to all areas of the Las Vegas valley.

Our History...

Team 987 was founded in 2002, by Marc Rogers and Joe Barry. The team consisted of a total of 11 students, coaches, and mentors. During the early years of the team, the mentors and students were inexperienced and had little support from outside organizations. Over the past 16 years, our team has learned a lot through trial and error. In 2014, Team 987 decided to add a new platform to their robotics program called VEX. Now that Team 987 has become increasingly self-sustaining and innovative, the team wants to help other FRC and VEX teams by spreading their acquired knowledge of FIRST not only in Las Vegas, but across the nation and around the world.

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Our Outreach...

FIRST robotics has become a gleaming bastion of hope for the city of Las Vegas, encouraging us, Team 987 The High Rollers, to make it our top priority to transform communities both locally and globally to embrace the culture of STEM in everyday life. Winston Churchill famously said, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give," and we have made and will continue to make great advances in our mission to transform the lives of our students, our community, and our world.

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